Less Time

Refurbishing with TECO is faster than dealing with all the hangups of
purchasing new or trying to convince OEMs to care about your downtime.

"Often time, (we require) last minute repairs or calibrations that must be handled quickly. TECO has been very accommodating and able to meet our requirement dates, even if that means weekend work on their end."

– Chris Hull Instrument Planner, Invista


  • OEM Repair is a hassle for you, and them!
  • They offer it because they have to.
  • They would rather sell you a new meter, and if it's not in stock be prepared to wait.


  • 48 hours or less for a quote.
  • 1 day emergency turnaround available.
  • Average 21 day turnaround from anywhere in the US.
  • Inventory of cores on-shelf.

Less Effort

TECO doesn't make you jump through hoops and piles of red tape.
No RMAs means you get your meter here and back in a snap.

"Having tried other vendors… I was always fighting the battle of keeping up with RMA numbers, delivery times and just plain not knowing what was out for repair. With TECO all of this is made so much easier."

– Sourcing Specialist World Leader in Soybean Processing


  • Stacks of RMA paperwork – requires you to track a meaningless number.
  • Certificate of Decontamination is required by OEM.
  • $300 + evaluation fee.


  • No RMAs.
  • Clean enough for transport is clean enough for us.
  • If we can’t help you, we don’t charge you.

No Risk

TECO has the experience, the manpower, and the equipment to assure your
meter meets or exceeds all OEM specifications and performance standards.

  • Repair a wider array of flowmeters than anyone in the business.
  • Live test flow with NIST traceable calibration on every meter.
  • ISO 17025 Accredited Flow Lab

A Few of Our Many Customers

Our Customers

"I would like to thank you for the great service TECO has given me with my flowmeters on our test floor. Incoming customer test requirements for our specialized pump line require a certain level of reliability. I can feel confident that the equipment sent to your facility will be calibrated and repaired to the highest standards required for the successful operation of our test floor. Communicating with the staff at TECO is fast, reliable and always a pleasure."

– Claudia Mikula Quality Assurance Coordinator, Weir Minerals North America

Not sure you believe the hype?