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Remanufacturing Customers

Have you ever sent an instrument out for repair only to wonder;

  • If it arrived?
  • What the status is?
  • What the repair price will be?
  • When you will get it back?

Bad service has become so common that it is now accepted as standard procedure.

Sending instruments to TECO, on the other hand, might just be the easiest thing you’ve ever done! In the first place, you never need an "authorization" number of any kind. Simply mark your shipment "Attention: Repair Dept.". That will get your instruments to the right place when they get here. Our standard procedure is to evaluate your instruments within 24 hours of receipt, and you will typically have a quotation and failure analysis in your hands by fax/email within 48 hours from the time your instruments arrive on our receiving dock. You will know your instruments are here, you will know what the price and lead time will be, and you can make a timely, informed decision. Should you ever choose not to get the repair work done, there is never an evaluation charge. Send your business to TECO. We make it our job to help you succeed!

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